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QA Wizard Pro Test Automation App

QA Wizard Pro

by Seapine Software

Automated functional, stress, and load testing. All in one tool.
Helps with: Test Automation
Similar to: Telerik Test Studio App Rapise App Apache JMeter App Gauge App More...
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Languages: CPP Java VB.NET Java Script Other

What is it all about?

QA Wizard Pro records actions you perform as you interact with a web, Windows, or Java application and adds them as steps in scripts used to automate testing. After recording scripts, you can modify them to make sure they perform all actions required to complete a test. When you are ready to perform tests, run scripts and then review the results in a detailed report. This gives you all the information needed to verify tests and report issues to the development team.

Key Features

* Intelligently Automate Multiple Technologies. From Windows XP through Windows 8.1, we support more versions of Windows than even Microsoft, letting you test changes to legacy applications. * Script and Test Like a Boss. (Your Boss Will Appreciate It.) - A complete IDE for scripting. QA Wizard Pro's modern IDE provides full scripting, resource management, and debugging capabilities, as well as a comprehensive library of built-in functions and statements to automate complex test scenarios. * Incredible Flexibility You Won't Outgrow. Future-proofed automation. The longer a test script can be used without needing to be updated, the higher the return on your test automation investment. QA Wizard Pro's advanced object recognition technology provides enhanced script stability, helping keep scripts running when your user interface changes. * "How Does It Respond Under Heavy Loads?" Is your web application ready for prime time? We can simulate thousands of simultaneous users hitting your web application. Eliminate issues like slow performance or worse before going live. * Automation Integrated Into Your Lifecycle. Know what to automate. Track which test cases are automated and which are manual, and prioritize which cases get automated first for maximum results using TestTrack. TestTrack also lets you manage script scheduling and execution.


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QA Wizard Pro - $25/mo (billed annually)


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