PurifyPlus Tracing and Profiling App


by TeamBlue

Run-Time Analysis Tools for Application Reliability and Performance
Helps with: Tracing and Profiling
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Languages: C CPP Java VB.NET Other

What is it all about?

PurifyPlus is a runtime analysis tool suite that monitors your program as it runs and reports on key aspects of its behavior. Purify automatically detects and reports on memory leaks and memory access problems like using memory after you've freed it, freeing the same block twice, or reading from memory before you've initialized it. All of these are software quality issues that can lurk in a program even if its tests all pass. Problems like this can cause expensive failures in production after yo

Key Features

* Code coverage analysis: Identifies untested code with line-level precision. * Memory leak protection: Improves memory utilization and speeds debugging time. * Binary instrumentation technology: Allows integration with third-party libraries and does not require access to source code. * Application performance profiling: Highlights application performance bottlenecks and improves application understanding with a graphical representation of function calls. * Advanced memory debugging: Locates the cause of memory corruption errors and provides detailed information, such as the error location (function call stack) and the size of the affected memory.


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