Puma.NET OCR App


by Microsoft

Wrapper library for Cognitive Technologies CuneiFrom recognition
Helps with: OCR
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Languages: CS

What is it all about?

Puma.NET is a wrapper library for Cognitive Technologies CuneiFrom recognition engine that makes it easy to incorporate OCR functionality in any .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher) application. The API is provided through a number of simple classes. High performance and accurate results of recognition can be achieved via a couple of lines of code.

Key Features

* Omni Font technology – recognition of almost all printed fonts * 27 languages supported (English, German, Croatian, Polish, Danish, Portuguese, Dutch, Digits, Czech, French, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Lettish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Russian-English, Ukrainian, Serbian) * Spell checking and automatic corrections * Detecting font formatting (sizes, italics, boldness, underline, sans, courier) * Fragmentation and preserving document structure: paragraphs, spaces, images, tables etc. * Improved recognition of skewed and speckled images, special modes for dot-matrix and fax papers’ scans * Input image formats: BMP, GIF, EXIG, JPG, PNG and TIFF * Output formats: TXT, RTF, HTML


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