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PREfast Analysis Tool Static Analysis App

PREfast Analysis Tool

by Microsoft

A static analysis tool that identifies defects in C/C++ programs.
Helps with: Static Analysis
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Source Type: Closed
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Languages: C CPP

What is it all about?

PREfast is a static analysis tool that identifies defects in C/C++ programs.
PREfast enables you to perform quick desktop error detection on small code bases.

Key Features

* PREfast uses your existing build structure and works by intercepting your native compiler. Intraprocedural analysis identifies defects in the C/C++ source files. * Users commonly run PREfast over a section of code, view results, make fixes, and then run PREfast again. It is recommended that you divide your build into small (10 MB or less) sections, and run PREfast on each section. * PREfast displays a log of the code defects encountered. Each line entry in the log shows a description of the type of defect, a PREfast warning number, the source location, and function where the defect occurred.


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