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Create a portfolio website for creative pros without coding.
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What is it all about?

Pixpa is a do-it-yourself, online service which you can use to build and manage your website. It is the portfolio website you always wanted. Showcase your work the way you want. No more manual cropping or resizing. Pixpa’s gallery layouts adapt your work automatically across all devices.

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Key Features

* Themes - Each Pixpa theme is pixel-perfect and beautifully crafted by our world-class design team. * Made for the Future - Pixpa themes are built to work on all modern browsers and mobile devices and use the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. * Plug-and-play - All Pixpa themes support every all major content types - galleries, pages, forms, blogs, calendars and more, and automatically adapt content to their layout and style. * Image and Video Galleries - Create image and video galleries to present your work in exactly the way you want with several layout, display and advanced options. * Instagram Galleries - Connect your Instagram account with Pixpa and publish your Instagram feed as a gallery on your website. * Manage Images - Upload images, make them inactive or delete images in any gallery easily. * Custom Pages - Adding custom web-pages of any kind to your site with Pixpa’s PageBuilder. With 300+ content blocks that you can drag-and-drop, sequence and edit easily, you have full flexibility and power to present your content the way you want. * Forms - Create custom contact forms for data collection from your site’s visitors. Configure input fields and specify the email address where collected data should be sent. Data is also available in the Messages section in your Pixpa studio account.


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15.00 USD per month – Pro
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