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Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK Image Recognition App

Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK

by Pixelnetica

Mobile document scan in a breeze
Helps with: Graphics and Image Processing,Image Recognition,PDF
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Languages: Java Objective C

What is it all about?

Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK enables Android and iOS developers build mobile applications for digital document workflow. The SDK implements functionality required to capture and process images obtained from the phone’s built-in camera. Document Imaging SDK offers fast document scanning and high quality processing with full on-device processing that does not require an Internet connection. Compatible with modern mobile OS, the SDK is simple to integrate, greatly reducing development costs and


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Key Features

- Optimized for Speed and Quality for each supported platform, especially crucial for mobile. - All operations run in Full Automatic mode - without the necessity of user interference. - Precise document area boundaries detection. - “Smart Crop” - offers the possibility to estimate the quality of the document area boundary detection and make a decision about - cropping – crop image automatically or send for user approval and correction. - “Smart Camera” estimates the document scan quality and provides user with live feedback during document shooting to to reduce common - user scanning errors. - Supports touch-free document capture. - 2D geometric and 3D perspective distortion (e.g. trapezoid) correction. - Document image align and rotation. - Camera matrix digital noise reduction. - Brightness and contrast equalization including strong shadows mitigation. - Document background cleaning. - Adaptive image binarization optimizes for future text recognition (OCR). - Content oriented adaptive Color processing profile automatically generates perfect documents. - Special presets for producing Grayscale and Color documents optimized for legibility. - Results could be saved as standard PDF, TIFF (G4), PNG or Jpeg files.


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More information and Free Trial request form. http://www.pixelnetica.com/products/document-imaging-sdk/document-imaging-sdk-features.html


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Royalty Free, Irrevocable perpetual license.


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