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Realistic and accessible performance testing
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What is it all about?

OctoPerf is a commercial Saas online platform. Saas means Software As A Service. It's a full-stack cloud load testing platform. It allows to simulate thousands of concurrent users on any HTTP-based website or mobile application. It has the following key features:

Key Features

* HYBRID LOAD TESTING - A very user-fiendly way to test in the cloud or behind your firewall. * JMETER AS A SERVICE - OctoPerf brings JMeter into the cloud and makes it easy to use. Have a complete load testing experience from Thread Groups Design (we call them Virtual Users), to test execution and analyse. All is done via your own web browser without anything to install. Quickly learn how to use it thanks to the self-training materials we put at your disposal: Guided tour, video tutorials and documentation. * ON PREMISE - OctoPerf’s on-premise Solution can run within your company’s private network, on your physical or virtual machines. On-Premise injectors installation is a matter of few minutes with OctoPerf. And you can even combine Cloud with on-premise injectors to do hybrid performance testing. * TENTACULAR INTEGRATIONS - Simulate real browser using Selenium WebDriver. Import and export JMeter JMX files (no subscription required). Start jobs from Jenkins and download JMeter JTL log files. We have the most useful features to efficiently allow you to do performance testing. * INJECTOR MONITORING - Pinpoint if a slow down is due to your infrastructure or due to load generators being overhelmed. * We provide various metrics for our injectors: - CPU usage, - Memory usage, - Incoming and outgoing network traffic, - TCP connections established, - and TCP segment retransmits. - All of them greatly help to understand if load generators or the tested infrastructure have reached a bottleneck. * CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION - OctoPerf can be integrated with Jenkins, the most popular Continuous Integration server. * Jenkins generates graphic charts with performance trends on: Successful and failed business transactions, Response time, Errors, And throughput. * Launching a load test each time your application is built lets you spot performance regression as your application evolves. Continuous Integration * SELENIUM WEBDRIVER - OctoPerf removes the pain of load testing your app with Selenium with our Saas integration. Selenium drives several different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more) using scripts, via a browser plugin. Selenium can simulate real user interactions like mouse clicks. With OctoPerf mix both browser-based and HTTP load testing: you can run JMeter load tests as well as Selenium webdriver tests simultaneously. So you collect both network metrics like response time and end-user experience metrics like browser load time.


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Free Trial - 50 concurrent users, ~20 minutes test duration, ~10 tests/mo / Starter - $130 / Medium - $549 / Heavy - $979 / Tailored - Ask a Quotation


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