Neo4j Graph Databases App


by Neo Technology

The World’s Leading Graph Database.
Helps with: Graph Databases,NoSQL DB
Similar to: Onyx Database App AllegroGraph App GunDB App Titan App More...
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Languages: Java Python Java Script Ruby Other

What is it all about?

Neo4j is a highly scalable, native graph database purpose-built to leverage not only data but also its relationships. Neo4j's native graph storage and processing engine deliver constant, real-time performance, helping enterprises build intelligent applications to meet today’s evolving data challenges.

Key Features

* Data Storage - Native storage structure with index-free adjacency results in faster transactions and processing. * Query Performance - Native processing ensures low latency and real-time performance, regardless of the number or depth of relationships. * Transaction Support - ACID transactions ensure data is fully consistent and reliable around the clock – perfect for always-on global enterprise applications. * Processing at Scale - Native graph model inherently scales for pattern-based queries. Scale out architecture maintains data integrity via replication. Massive scale up possibilities with IBM POWER8 and CAPI Flash systems.


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