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NAG Fortran Library Math Libraries App

NAG Fortran Library

by Nag

Largest collection of reliable and supported numerical algorithms
Helps with: Math Libraries
Similar to: Algolib App Alea App NAG App Cgal App More...
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Languages: C CPP CS Java VB.NET Other

What is it all about?

NAG Fortran Library has a global reputation for its excellence and, with hundreds of fully documented and tested routines, is the largest collection of mathematical and statistical algorithms available.

Key Features

Optimization, both Local and Global Linear, quadratic, integer and nonlinear programming and least squares problems Ordinary and partial differential equations, and mesh generation Solution of dense, banded and sparse linear equations and eigenvalue problems Solution of linear and nonlinear least squares problems Curve and surface fitting and interpolation Special functions Numerical integration and integral equations Roots of nonlinear equations (including polynomials) Option Pricing Formulae Wavelet Transforms


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for more details: http://www.nag.co.uk/numeric/fl/FLdescription.asp

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