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by MonetDB Team

An open source column-oriented database management system.
Helps with: NoSQL DB,Wide Column Store
Similar to: Amazon SimpleDB App Apache HBase App ConcourseDB App Druid App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: C CPP Perl Python Ruby Other

What is it all about?

MonetDB is an open source column-oriented database management system. It was designed to provide high performance on complex queries against large databases, such as combining tables with hundreds of columns and millions of rows.

Key Features

* MonetDB is built on the canonical representation of database relations as columns, a.k.a. arrays. They are sizeable entities -up to hundreds of megabytes- swapped into memory by the operating system and compressed on disk upon need. * MonetDB excels in applications where the database hot-set - the part actually touched - can be largely held in main-memory or where a few columns of a broad relational table are sufficient to handle individual requests. * MonetDB is designed for multi-core parallel execution on desktops to reduce response time for complex query processing. * MonetDB is designed to accommodate different query languages through its proprietary algebraic-language, called the MonetDB Assembly Language (MAL). * The maximal database size supported by MonetDB depends on the underlying processing platform, e.g., a 32- or 64-bit processor, and storage device, e.g., the file system and disk raids. * MonetDB has been strongly influenced by the scientific experiments to understand the interplay between algorithms and application requirements. * MonetDB supports a broad palette of application domains by hooking up external supplied libraries, e.g. pcre, raptor, libxml and geos. Several external file formats are being encapsulated into data vaults, which creates a symbiosis and natural bridge between database processing and legacy file-based processing prevalent in some science domains.


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