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MICR and Check Processing SDK Technology OCR App

MICR and Check Processing SDK Technology

by Leadtools

An MICR technology for scanning and processing checks from banks.
Helps with: OCR,Other Biometric
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Languages: C CPP CS Java VB.NET Java Script

What is it all about?

Create processes that automatically detect and extract MICR E-13B text from personal and bank checks by using LEADTOOLS in .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, OS X, Java, and web applications. Add other LEADTOOLS technologies such as image processing and OCR to create a complete check processing solution. Automating processes with LEADTOOLS MICR technology saves time and money as compared to manual data entry and inspection.

Key Features

* Comprehensive personal check and bank check data extraction to retrieve all MICR information including EPC, Auxiliary On-Us, Routing/Account/Check numbers, and amount * Scan, detect, and decode information from any structured and unstructured document by analyzing the full-page layout * Detect important information from any bank check including date, name, amount, signature, and MICR code * Fast, accurate, and reliable magnetic ink character recognition for use in any application and environment * Utilize camera preview on phones and tablets for real-time check recognition and processing * Utilize multiple cores for unparalleled performance * Fully-featured check scanning SDK * Spell checking and dictionary support * Automatically detect, segment, and recognize multiple languages on the same document * Full-page analysis and zonal recognition * Unique color and bitonal image recognition for scanned documents and pictures * Automatic document cleanup * Automatic document preprocessing * Fully configurable recognition engine * Comprehensive reporting for text results * Output searchable text document formats such as PDF, PDF/A, DOC, DOCX, XML, and XPS that maintain the original look and feel * Integrates seamlessly with LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition and Processing * Implement large-scale distributed MICR detection applications using LEADTOOLS Distributed Computing SDK


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