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LSM Embedded Database Key Value and Tuple Store App

LSM Embedded Database

by LSM Team

An embedded database library for key-value data.
Helps with: Key Value and Tuple Store,NoSQL DB
Similar to: Aerospike App BangDB App C-treeACE App Cachelot App More...
Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP Python

What is it all about?

LSM is an embedded database library for key-value data, roughly similar in scope to Berkeley DB, LevelDB or KyotoCabinet. Both keys and values are specified and stored as byte arrays. Duplicate keys are not supported. Keys are always sorted in memcmp() order.

Key Features

* A single-writer/multiple-reader MVCC based transactional concurrency model. SQL style nested sub-transactions are supported. Clients may concurrently access a single LSM database from within a single process or multiple application processes. * An entire database is stored in a single file on disk. * Data durability in the face of application or power failure. LSM may optionally use a write-ahead log file when writing to the database to ensure committed transactions are not lost if an application or power failure occurs. * An API that allows external data compression and/or encryption routines to be used to create and access compressed and/or encrypted databases.


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