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by Dart

AJAX Toolkit for ASP.NET
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What is it all about?

A suite of 21 ASP.NET web server controls that add AJAX callback capabilities to your ASP.NET web applications. Lose the annoying flicker when posting data to the server!

The LiveControls Toolkit is a direct replacement for many standard Microsoft controls. Raise server-side callbacks and update form elements without disrupting the user experience with a page refresh. Includes code examples, samples and a tutorial.

Key Features

Imagine the Possibilities: * Shopping sites that dynamically update using server resources * Financial applications that update rates without flickering * Sports applications that update scores in real time * Auction sites that countdown with superior Windows-like effects Easy To Use: * Ajax-style callbacks manifest as familiar events * Manipulate and update page elements client-side without reloading the page * 100% DHTML generation * No Java applets, Flash, JavaScript, plug-ins or ActiveX controls required * Simplifed code maintenance with no JavaScript debugging * Additional mouse, key and click events raised as server-side callbacks Versatility: * Increase performance and reduce bandwith with optimized ViewState management * Play audio files server-side with LiveSound * Raise events from captured keystrokes * Client automatically updated when data is bound to the grid and list controls * Poll the server at any time interval with LiveTimer * Display alert, confirm and response MessageBoxes in server-side code Flexibility: * Blocking and non-blocking options on the client * Hook client events to server-side callbacks with the LiveCallback control * Graceful degradation to standard ASP.NET postbacks in non-supported browsers * Supports IE 6.0+ and Mozilla 1.3+ (Firefox, Netscape) for both PC and Mac * Fully compatible with Visual Studio .NET 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 * Many ASP.NET sample pages for both C# and VB.NET


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