libmbus Input Devices App


by xRscada

Communicating with energy metering devices
Helps with: Input Devices,Sensors
Similar to: Tslib App libinput App libevdev App xkbcommon App More...
Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP

What is it all about?

libmbus is an open source M-bus (Meter-Bus) library. The Meter-Bus is a standard for reading out meter data from electricity meters, heat meters, gas meters, etc. The M-bus standard deals with both the electrical signals on the M-Bus, and the protocol and data format used in transmissions on the M-Bus. Here we are only concerned with the data format, and the role of the libmbus library is to decode/encode M-bus data, and to handle the communication with M-Bus devices.

Key Features

* Open source C-library for communicating with M-bus slaves and for encoding/decoding the M-bus protocol. * Demo applications for scanning the M-bus for slaves, and for reading out user data (meter readings) from M-bus slaves. * Presentation of the M-Bus meter data in an intuitive and easily processed XML format. This feature greatly simplifies the handing of meter data in other applications. * Support for TCP/IP and serialport M-bus gateways


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