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A Portable Foreign Function Interface Library
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Languages: C CPP Java Python Ruby

What is it all about?

The libffi library provides a portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions. This allows a programmer to call any function specified by a call interface description at run-time.

Key Features

* CPython - the default, most-widely used implementation of the Python programming language uses libffi in the standard ctypes library. * OpenJDK - the open-source implementation of the Java Platform Standard Edition uses libffi to bridge between the interpreter and native code for some platforms. * js-ctypes - a foreign function interface for javascript that Mozilla will be shipping in Firefox 3.6. * Dalvik - Dalvik is the virtual machine which runs the Java platform on Android mobile devices. libffi is used on Android ports for which no custom bridging code has been written. * Java Native Access (JNA) - the JNI-free way to call native code from Java. * Ruby-FFI - a Foreign Function Interface extension for Ruby. * fsbv - Foreign Structure By Value is a foreign function interface library for Common Lisp that extends the standard CFFI package to include support for passing structure arguments by value. * JSCocoa - call Objective-C code from javascript on Mac OSX and the iPhone (via the libffi-iphone port). * PyObjC - call Objective-C code from Python on Mac OSX. * RubyCocoa - call Objective-C code from Ruby on Mac OSX. * PLT Scheme - call C code from this popular Scheme implementation (also used as the implementation platform for Paul Graham's new Lisp, Arc). * gcj - the runtime library for the GNU Compiler for the Java Programming Language uses libffi to handle calls back and forth between interpreted and natively compiled code. gcj is part of the GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection.


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