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Userspace library for handling asynchronous notifications
Helps with: Events and Signals
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Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP

What is it all about?

A full-featured and high-performance (see benchmark) event loop that is loosely modelled after libevent, but without its limitations and bugs. It is used in GNU Virtual Private Ethernet, rxvt-unicode, auditd, the Deliantra MORPG Server and Client, and many other programs.

Key Features

* Include child/pid watchers, periodic timers based on wallclock (absolute) time (in addition to timers using relative timeouts), as well as epoll/kqueue/event ports/inotify/eventfd/signalfd support, fast timer management, time jump detection and correction, and ease-of-use. * It can be used as a libevent replacement using its emulation API or directly embedded into your programs without the need for complex configuration support. * Libev supports select, poll, the Linux-specific epoll, the BSD-specific kqueue and the Solaris-specific event port mechanisms for file descriptor events (ev_io), the Linux inotify interface (for ev_stat), Linux eventfd/signalfd (for faster and cleaner inter-thread wakeup (ev_async)/signal handling (ev_signal)) relative timers (ev_timer), absolute timers with customised rescheduling (ev_periodic), synchronous signals (ev_signal), process status change events (ev_child), and event watchers dealing with the event loop mechanism itself (ev_idle, ev_embed, ev_prepare and ev_check watchers) as well as file watchers (ev_stat) and even limited support for fork events (ev_fork).


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