LeanPlum Mobile Marketing and Push Notifications App


by LeanPlum

A Single Solution for Mobile ROI
Helps with: AB Testing,Mobile Marketing and Push Notifications
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Languages: Java Objective C Swift Other

What is it all about?

Built on a foundation of A/B Testing and Analytics, Leanplum delivers a deep customer understanding. Deliver mobile engagement, from messaging to the in-app experience, with the only platform designed for intelligent action

Key Features

* Messaging - Deliver messages across multiple channels and increase relevancy by coordinating with in-app content. * Automation - Respond to in-app activities at scale during every stage of the customer journey. * App Editor - Take full control of your app experience without developer resources or App Store resubmissions. * Personalization - Unlock the power of mobile with context and personalization enabled by a rich user profile. * A/B Testing - Test everything, in and out of your app, from mobile messaging to UI content. * Analytics - Collect a real-time understanding of user activity with insights designed to drive marketing action.


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