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Klaros-Test­management Testing Frameworks App


by Veritas Informationssysteme GmbH

Professional Test Management Software
Helps with: Bug Tracking,Test Automation,Testing Frameworks
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Languages: Java

What is it all about?

Klaros-Test­management features components for planning, executing and evaluating tests and supports requirement coverage as well as agile development methodologies like Scrum or Kanban.

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Key Features

* Klaros-Test­management manages your test cases, test suites, test environments, systems under test, test runs and test results. * Iterative development processes are supported through use of test cycles which can coincide with development cycles (sprints). * Collecting Requirements and linking them to test cases enables Klaros-Test­management to track the test coverage of requirements. * Klaros-Test­management allows multiple categorization of requirements, iterations, and systems under test, test environments, test cases and test suites. * Klaros-Test­management supports revisions of test cases, test suites and requirements. * Every change to test data is recorded and displayed in the change history to enable better tracking of changes. * Klaros-Test­management allows saving of binary content of any type (text documents, graphics, screenshots etc.) to test cases and their results, iterations, requirements, systems under test, test environments and test suites. * Klaros-Test­management allows the definition and usage of custom fields of various format for requirements, iterations, test cases, test suites, test environments and systems under test. * Requirements and test cases can be imported and exported via XML or Excel.


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Available on-premises (Lifetime License) or hosted as a cloud based service (monthly or yearly subscription)


Monthly pricing starting at $65 for 3 Users

Yearly pricing starting at $720 for 3 Users

Lifetime pricing starting at $1400 for 3 Users


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