Kiuwan Static Analysis App


by Kiuwan

Software Analytics in the cloud
Helps with: Static Analysis
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Languages: C CPP Java VB.NET Java Script Objective C Other

What is it all about?

Kiuwan is a software as a service (SaaS) static program analysis multi-technology software for software analytics, quality and security measurement and management. Kiuwan is one of the tools in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) source code analysis tools list. It was also finalist for IBM Beacon Awards 2015

Key Features

* Enterprise software analytics - Relevant software analytics based on objective evidence found in your applications’ source code. Know their condition, avoid defects early in the application development life cycle, manage the risk you face in your development and evaluate technical debt to make informed decisions to improve * In the cloud or locally: 100% secure & private - We value the privacy of your source code. It is your choice to analyze the code locally or upload it. Just choose your way and analyze without fear! Only the results are always uploaded to the cloud. Kiuwan is “multitenant”, so the resulting software analytics are for your eyes only * Customize & integrate - Kiuwan is powerful and flexible. Create different models to analyze different applications, fine tune the models to measure your applications the way you need. Integrate Kiuwan automatic analyses with your ALM continuous processes. Use Kiuwan Enterprise software analytics throughout your organization * Smart perspectives through portfolios - Group your applications in portfolios that intelligently reflect your business & IT structures. If your perspective works for you, it’ll work for Kiuwan! Then, make informed decisions for the different perspectives provided by the portfolios. * Collaborative & decision oriented - Software development is nowadays a collaborative effort. Companies usually work with several providers and inhouse teams getting the job done simultaneously. Kiuwan is an enterprise collaborative environment, so the different stakeholders can get the right information to make the right decisions * Not only words but action - Kiuwan not only provides you with smart analytics. It shows you the path to succeed and continuously improve your applications. Create action plans, manually or automatically based on your goals or available resources, track their progress and reach your business goals


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