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KeyLines Graph Visualization SDK UI Frameworks App

KeyLines Graph Visualization SDK

by Cambridge Intelligence

Bring your connected data to life
Helps with: Database Libraries,Graph Databases,UI Frameworks
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Languages: Java Script

What is it all about?

KeyLines is a JavaScript software development kit for rapidly building applications to visualize and analyze complex connected data - a process often called graph visualization or link analysis.

The technology has been deployed around the world to provide analysts with the data clarity required to take better decisions more quickly.


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Key Features

KeyLines is a JavaScript software development kit (SDK) for building network visualization and analysis web applications. Using the SDK, developers can customize every aspect of their application, including the visual appearance, the user interface, user interaction and the end-user’s feature set. KeyLines applications run completely in a web browser without the need to install plugins or download software, meaning they can be easily integrated into existing systems and dashboards, or as standalone tools. They are also highly interactive and rich in analytical functionality, making it easy for users to get the most insight out of their data. Some of the powerful visual analysis functionality featured in KeyLines API includes: - Automatic graph layouts - Social network analysis measures - Graph filtering - Dynamic graph support - Geospatial graph visualization - WebGL and HTML5 canvas graphics rendering KeyLines adds value in any scenario requiring the fast and thorough analysis of complex connected data.


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For more details: https://cambridge-intelligence.com/try-keylines/

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