JlSignal Events and Signals App


by Jeff Lee

A reasonably fast and tidy C++ implementation of signals/slots
Helps with: Events and Signals
Similar to: Cpp Events App LibSigc Plus Plus App AS3 Signals App Wink Signals App More...
Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: CPP

What is it all about?

A reasonably fast and tidy C++ implementation of signals/slots.

Key Features

* Simple API - The library has a minimal initialization step, but after that, it's little more than calling Connect() and Emit() on your signals and observer objects. Use of template syntax and preprocessor macros in the API is kept to a minimum. * No heap allocation - By default, the internal allocation system bypasses the heap completely, so you don't need to worry about slow allocations or memory fragmentaton. * Automatic signal disconnection - In order to prevent dangling pointers, the system will automatically break connections between signals and observers when the observer objects go out of scope. This saves from you the considerable headache of having to disconnect your observers manually. * Fast dispatch from signals to observers - Signals are implemented with Don Clugston's FastDelegate library, which can execute arbitrary callbacks as fast as is theoretically possible. The library is famous for its non-standard under-the-hood hacks, but should work for most mainstream modern compilers. * No external dependencies - The library is mostly self-contained, with minimal dependencies on the standard library. The only external dependency, FastDelegate.h, is bundled with the project source.


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