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Image Annotation and Markup SDK Technology Text Handling App

Image Annotation and Markup SDK Technology

by Leadtools

Create a fully-automated, dynamic and feature-packed annotation app
Helps with: Text Handling
Similar to: OpenNLP App MALLET App TextBlob App C Sharp Text Processing Function Library App More...
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Languages: C CPP CS Java VB.NET Java Script Other

What is it all about?

LEADTOOLS SDKs include flexible and time-tested image annotation technology for .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, OS X, Java and web developers. LEADTOOLS Annotations include a clean and diverse collection of markup objects and collaborative tools designed to impart visual metadata to digital images and documents which enhance user experience, productivity and security.

Key Features

* Specialized annotations for document images * Specialized annotations for medical images * Broad range of image annotation objects including text, geometric shapes, rulers, sticky note, redact, highlight, rubber stamp, audio and video * Image annotations can be added to bitonal, color and grayscale images * Draw image annotations to a presentation layer or permanently burn onto the bitmap * Protect sensitive information with redaction and encryption objects * Control access and design rights with annotation security * Customize existing or create new image annotation object types * Image annotation features can be fully automated or manually implemented for maximum control * Snap-to-grid and alignment UI * Supports single and multi-page image files * Flexible annotation object storage options including image files, separate annotation files, database and memory * Unlimited undo and redo levels


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