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iGrid for WinForms .NET Control Controls App

iGrid for WinForms .NET Control

by 10Tec Company

Versatile WinForms grid control, advanced DataGridView alternative.
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Source Type: Open - Extra Fee
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Languages: CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

iGrid.NET is a versatile WinForms grid control for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Software developers use it to build highly adjustable tabular interfaces. It is fast, feature-rich and the ideal unbound grid component for WinForms .NET.

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Key Features

1) Unbound mode is the main mode of iGrid.NET, but you can also display data from ADO.NET data sources with one method call. 2) Cells can store values of any types, even within the same column. 3) Rich individual cell formatting options (foreground/background colors, font, vertical and horizontal text alignment, text trimmin options, etc.) Again, you can apply various formatting styles to cells within one column. 4) Built-in multi-column sorting, grouping and autofilter functionality. 5) Print and print-preview capabilities with options to adjust the look of the grid on paper. 6) Super-fast work with huge row sets (100'000-1'000'000+ rows). 7) iGrid can be used to emulate Outlook message view with message previews inside the grid. 8) Special non-scrollable footer section. 9) The header can have several rows, column headers can be merged. Column headers display numerated sort icons when the grid is sorted by several columns. 10) Built-in tooltips for cells with truncated contents; the tooltip contents can be constructed on-the-fly.


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iGrid is licensed per each developer seat. Site License is also available.


Yearly pricing starting at $315 for 1 Users


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