Icinga DevOp Tools App


by Team Icinga

User-focused monitoring
Helps with: DevOp Tools
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: CPP

What is it all about?

Icinga is a resilient, open source monitoring and metric solution. Lay a monitoring foundation based on our new object-based, rule-driven configuration format with unseen flexibility and performance.

Key Features

* Clear-cut, object-based configuration - Icinga 2 introduces a new object-based, rule-driven configuration format, which offers user-friendly features such as apply rules for dynamic object generation. * Clever commands & runtime macros - Commands in Icinga 2 are smarter than their Nagios™-style cousins. * Logical Dependencies - Say goodbye to confusing parent/child relationships. Dependencies in Icinga 2 are straightforward; they can be defined as host-host, service-service or mixed (host-service and service-host) and all work in the same manner. * Apply & assign attributes - Keep configuration work to a minimum by defining templates to ”apply” to configuration objects. Apply services and notifications to hosts, or downtimes and dependencies to services for example. * Dynamic Notifications - Similar to Icinga 1, event handlers and notifications are supported. Thanks to the new dynamic configuration format, users can adjust notification settings at runtime (e.g. in order to implement on-call rotation).


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