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A fast transactional table style document NoSQL Application Database.
Helps with: Document Store DB,NoSQL DB
Similar to: Terrastore App Cloud Datastore App Azure DocumentDB App MongoDB 3.2 App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: C CPP Java VB.NET Other

What is it all about?

iBoxDB is a fast transactional table style document NoSQL Application Database, easily store, process objects and documents, traditional table with unstructured data, zero configuration, pure JAVA and .NET engines, no dependencies. iBoxDB has a well-designed interface with great performance and capability for agile development. You can create applications with database services embedded and deploy it on mobiles, desktops, servers, to persist your data from anywhere.

Key Features

* CRUD * KeyValue and KeyOnly tables * Unique and non-unique indexes * Unique and non-unique composite indexes * SQL like query language * Transactions support * Concurrency control, thread safe * Memory management * Scalable hot MasterSlave and MasterMaster replications * On disk and in memory databases supported * Automatically create databases * Zero configuration, copy and run, purely managed code * Dynamic columns * Different types with different indexes can be stored in same table * Persistence + ORM + Cache + Embeddable, ONE STOP solution * ResultSet compatible with LINQ * High performance, no dependencies * Update Increment * Selecting Tracer


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