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IBM Cloudant DBaaS Document Store DB App

IBM Cloudant DBaaS

by IBM

Fully-managed, high-performance DBaaS on a single-tenant cluster.
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Similar to: Terrastore App Cloud Datastore App Azure DocumentDB App MongoDB 3.2 App More...
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What is it all about?

The Cloudant database as a service (DBaaS) is the first data management platform to leverage the availability, elasticity, and reach of the cloud to create a global data delivery network (DDN) that enables applications to scale larger and remain available to users wherever they are.

Key Features

* Scalable, Fault-tolerant JSON Data Store - Self-describing JSON "documents" are automatically stored, indexed, and distributed across an elastic database cluster that can span multiple racks, data centers, or cloud providers to provide superior scalability and availability. * Multi-master Replication Across Data Centers - Cloudant increases scale and uptime, and reduces read-write latency by replicating and synchronizing readable - and writable - copies of data across multiple data centers or devices. Geo load balancers connect users with the closest replica. * Cloudant Sync for Occasionally Connected Apps - Cloudant Sync pushes database access to the farthest edge of the network —mobile devices, remote facilities, sensors, and internet-enabled goods, so that you can scale bigger and enable client apps to continue running off-line. * Lucene-powered Cloudant Search - The easiest way to build scalable search apps. Cloudant Search features ranked searching, powerful query types, results bookmarking, faceted search, fielded searching, and more. * Advanced 2D and 3D Geo-spatial indexing - Enrich your app with geo-location services using built-in geo-hashing, proximity, bounding (box, radius, ellipse, polygon), and intersection queries. * Data Protection and Security - Data access control, encryption, and data backup features enable customers in financial services, government, e-commerce, telecommunications, healthcare, and other security-minded industries to benefit from Cloudant DBaaS. * Multiple hosting options - Never worry about cloud lock-in. Cloudant supports a variety of hosting options to fit your budget and performance needs.


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