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by Hypertable Inc

A high performance, massively scalable database modeled after Bigtable
Helps with: NoSQL DB,Wide Column Store
Similar to: Amazon SimpleDB App Apache HBase App ConcourseDB App Druid App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: CPP Java Perl Python Ruby Other

What is it all about?

Hypertable is a high performance, open source, massively scalable database modeled after Bigtable, Google's proprietary, massively scalable database.

Key Features

* SCALABILITY - Hypertable was designed for the express purpose of solving the scalability problem, a problem that is not handled well by a traditional RDBMS. Hypertable is based on a design developed by Google to meet their scalability requirements and solves the scale problem better than any of the other NoSQL solutions out there. * GOOD FIT FOR WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - Hypertable keeps data physically sorted by a primary key, it is well-suited to a broad set of applications. * COST SAVINGS - Hypertable has been designed and implemented for maximum efficiency and optimum performance. By choosing to do the implementation in a compiled language that does not incur the performance and stability costs of garbage collection and runtime interpretation, Hypertable can deliver equivalent database capacity on a fraction of the hardware. * PERFORMANCE - The other benefit of Hypertable's highly efficient design and implementation is that it delivers all the advantages you get from better performance. For live applications, Hypertable can help deliver a much more responsive user experience by reducing overall request latency. For offline applications, higher throughput is achieved which means more work can be accomplished in a given amount of time. * CLEAN SEMANTICS - Hypertable is a consistent database. Many of the scalable NoSQL database offerings are designed around the concept of eventual consistency which makes those databases more difficult to reason about. When an application writes data into Hypertable and gets a success response, the modification is durable and will always be reflected in subsequent operations.


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