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GTK Plus

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Toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces
Helps with: UI Frameworks
Similar to: NET Framework App Qt Framework App ATK App Webix UI library App More...
Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP Perl Python Java Script

What is it all about?

GTK + (GIMP Toolkit) is a free multi-platform library. It's a GUI toolkit that is used for GIMP, GNOME and other programs. It creates graphical user interfaces and is used by a variety of applications. Considered to one of the most successful graphics toolkits for the X Window System.

Key Features

Stability: GTK+ has been developed for over a decade to be able to deliver the enticing features and superb performance that it brings to your application development. GTK+ is supported by a large community of developers and has core maintainers from companies such as Red Hat, Novell, Lanedo, Codethink, Endless Mobile and Intel. Language Bindings: GTK+ is available in many other programming languages thanks to the language bindings available. This makes GTK+ quite an attractive toolkit for application development. Accommodating: GTK+ caters for a number features that today's developers are looking for in a toolkit including: ◦Native look and feel ◦Theme support ◦Thread safety ◦Object oriented approach ◦Internationalization ◦Localization ◦Accessibility ◦Bidirectional text support (LTR/RTL, Left To Right/Right To Left) ◦UTF8 support ◦Documentation Foundations: GTK+ is built on top of GLib. GLib provides the fundamental algorithmic language constructs commonly duplicated in applications. This library has features such as: (this list is not a comprehensive list) ◦Object and type system ◦Main loop ◦Dynamic loading of modules (i.e. plug-ins) ◦Thread support ◦Timer support ◦Memory allocator ◦Threaded Queues (synchronous and asynchronous) ◦Lists (singly linked, doubly linked, double ended) ◦Hash tables ◦Arrays ◦Trees (N-ary and binary balanced) ◦String utilities and charset handling ◦Lexical scanner and XML parser ◦Base64 (encoding & decoding) Mobile: The GMAE (GNOME Mobile & Embedded) initiative has advanced the use, development and commercialization of GNOME components as a mobile and embedded user experience platform. It has brought together industry leaders, expert consultants, key developers and the community and industry organizations they represent. As a direct result of this, GTK+ has features pertaining to mobile and embedded platform requirements.


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