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GeneticSharp Scientific Libraries App


by Giacomelli

C# Genetic Algorithm library
Helps with: Scientific Libraries
Similar to: Bullet App ALPS project App Newton Dynamics App GNU Scientific Library App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: CS

What is it all about?

GeneticSharp is a fast, extensible, multi-platform and multithreading C# Genetic Algorithm library that simplifies the development of applications using Genetic Algorithms (GAs).

Can be used in any kind of .NET apps, like ASP .NET MVC, Web Forms, Windows Forms, GTK# and Unity3D applications.

Key Features

•Chromosomes ◦Add your own chromosome representation implementing IChromosome interface or extending ChromosomeBase •Fitness ◦Add your own fitness evaluation, implementing IFitness interface. •Populations ◦Generation ◦Generation strategy ◾Performance strategy ◾Tracking strategy •Selections ◦Elite (also know as Truncate or Truncation) ◦Roulette Wheel ◦Stochastic Universal Sampling ◦Tournament ◦Others selections can be added implementing ISelection interface or extending SelectionBase. •Crossovers ◦Cut and Splice ◦Cycle (CX) ◦One-Point (C1) ◦Ordered OX1 ◦Partially Mapped (PMX) ◦Three parent ◦Two-Point (C2) ◦Uniform ◦Others crossovers can be added implementing ICrossover interface or extending CrossoverBase. •Mutations ◦Reverse Sequence (RSM) ◦Twors ◦Uniform ◦Others mutations can be added implementing IMutation interface or extending MutationBase. •Reinsertions ◦Elitist ◦Fitness Based ◦Pure ◦Uniform •Terminations ◦Generation number ◦Time evolving ◦Fitness stagnation ◦Fitness threshold ◦And e Or (allows combine others terminations) •Randomizations ◦Basic randomization (using System.Random) ◦Fast random ◦If you need a special kind of randomization for your GA, just implement the IRandomization interface. •Runner app (console) with samples: ◦Equality equation ◦Equation solver ◦Function builder ◦Ghostwriter ◦TSP (Travelling toman Problem) •Runner app (GTK#) showing the library solving TSP (Travelling Salesman Problem). •Mono support. •Fully tested on Windows and MacOSX. •100% code documentation. •FxCop validated. •Good (and well used) design patterns.


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