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Helps with: Test Automation
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Languages: Java Python Java Script Ruby Other

What is it all about?

The communication breakdowns between Developers and Business Stakeholders is a common risk of software development. Gauge is an advanced automation tool that allows requirements to be written in a way that will be understood by all roles in a project and help bridge the gap. It is a light-weight cross-platform test automation tool with the ability to author test cases in the business language.

Key Features

* Simple Syntax - Write test specifications in Markdown. Gauge won't enforce a structure: write in a way that works for you. Generate readable documentation in the format of your choice. * Get Started Fast - Gauge is lightweight and easy to get started. Install and initialize with a single command. * Your Environment Your Tools - Automate in your favourite programming language and work in the IDE of your choice, across platforms. Gauge supports C#, Java, Ruby, IntelliJ and Visual Studio out-of-the-box. * Data Driven Execution - Easily test with large data sets, while keeping specifications highly readable. Gauge reads test data from text, CSV, and more. * Some of the key features of Gauge that make it stand unique include: - A rich markup based on markdown - Simple, Flexible and Rich Syntax - Business Language Tests : Supports the concept of executable documentation - Consistent Cross Platform/Language Support for writing test code. Currently supported languages. - Open Source, so it could be shared freely and improved by others as well - A modular architecture with plugin support. - Extensible through plugins and Hackable - Supports External Data Sources - Helps you create Maintainable and Understandable test suites - IDE Support


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