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GameMaker Studio Game Development App

GameMaker Studio

by Yoyogames

Mobile Game Development Framework
Helps with: Game Development
Similar to: Construct 2 App Stencyl App playMaker App Fusion 2.5 App More...
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Languages: Other

What is it all about?

GameMaker: Studio caters to entry-level novices and seasoned game development professionals equally, allowing them to create cross-platform games in record time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional tools!

In addition to making game development 80 percent faster than coding for native languages, developers can create fully functional prototypes in just a few hours, and a full game in just a matter of weeks

Key Features

* Skinning: Customize your development environment by choosing from our predefined skins or creating your own. * Superior Workflow: Drag and Drop like never before, create the game you want without ever writing any code. * Library: Choose what you need from our extensive library of events and actions to sculpt the game you desire. * GameMaker Language: Based on C programming language, GML gives you the power of other programming languages while being easy to learn. * Layers: Take control of how objects are ordered within your rooms and draw sprites directly without the need for an object. * Tile Brushes: Make repetition a breeze by creating a group of tiles and drawing them directly to the room. * In-App Purchases: Free games can make you money. GameMaker’s support for adverts and in-app purchases allow you to monetise your game without having to charge a premium. * Push Notifications: Deliver updates and notifications directly to your players using GameMaker's support for push notifications. * Networking: GameMaker allows you to structure your game to work with a client/server model, dealing with all of the network management behind the scenes, while allowing you to focus on the game itself.


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