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Fast TWAIN SDK Technology

by Leadtools

A tool to communicate software and digital imaging devices
Helps with: General Libraries
Similar to: Lcdapi App libllcp App Neardal App libsigrok App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN intelligently analyzes the TWAIN source capabilities to find the combination of compression, transfer mode, and buffering scheme that will provide the best possible performance for the requested image type.

Key Features

* Fast TWAIN improves the speed of TWAIN scanning operations by analyzing the TWAIN source for the best combination of settings * Comprehensive multithread support for maximum performance * Supports TWAIN 1.x and 2.x drivers * Get and set all TWAIN capabilities that the TWAIN driver supports * Create custom user interfaces to expose only specific functionality or use the default user interface provided by the TWAIN driver * Bypass the user interface for completely automated tasks and batch scanning * Utilize events and callbacks for per-page processing * Show the TWAIN source manager's selection dialog to select a TWAIN driver, create a custom selection dialog, or select a TWAIN driver programmatically * Scan in black and white, halftone, grayscale, palette, and full color * Control the resolution, position, size, and orientation of the acquired image * Use an automated document feeder (ADF) for single and multi-page scanning * Simultaneously scan the front and back of a page with duplex scanners * 32 and 64-bit TWAIN binaries


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