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ExtremeDB Financial Edition Wide Column Store App

ExtremeDB Financial Edition

by McObject

Most powerful solution for managing time series data.
Helps with: NoSQL DB,Wide Column Store
Similar to: Amazon SimpleDB App Apache HBase App ConcourseDB App Druid App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: C CPP Java VB.NET Python Other

What is it all about?

eXtremeDB Financial Edition delivers the most powerful solution for managing time series data (including market data) while maximizing developer productivity through open, developer-preferred languages including industry-standard SQL, Python, C/C++, Java, and C#.

Key Features

* Flexible Storage (In-Memory or On-Disk) - eXtremeDB Financial Edition is based on a core in-memory database system (IMDS) design that eliminates performance-draining I/O, cache management and data transfer. * Embedded or Client/Server Database Architecture - eXtremeDB Financial Edition provides the choice of configuring the database system in either embedded (DBMS runs entirely within the application process) or client/server designs, to support tiered application processing and performance optimization. * Short Execution Path - eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s code path is very short: a “footprint” of approximately 150K for the core database system points to McObject’s unrelenting focus on eliminating even small sources of latency. * Columnar Layout for Time Series Data - Traditional DBMSs bring rows of data into the CPU cache for processing. But financial data – such as trades and quotes – is naturally columnar, and handled more efficiently by a column-based layout. * High Availability - eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s high availability option ensures continuous database operation even in the face of hardware or software failure. * Clustering - eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s clustering capability can dramatically increase available net processing power, lower system expansion costs (by enabling use of low-cost “commodity” servers), and maximize scalability and reliability. And a lot more…


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