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Everystep Scripting Tool Test Automation App

Everystep Scripting Tool

by Dotcom Monitor

A free web scripting, automation tool
Helps with: Test Automation
Similar to: Telerik Test Studio App QA Wizard Pro App Rapise App Apache JMeter App More...
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Languages: Java Ruby Other

What is it all about?

EveryStep is a free automation tool that records “every step” of a web transaction and replays the script using a real browser (both desktop & mobile browser compatible). Easily schedule scripts to run at set intervals and receive alerts when errors occur.

Key Features

* Scripts that Emulate Real Users - Easy to quickly record web interactions - Simulate a real user experience by performing synthetic monitoring from your own machine - Record tests of critical paths across your website * Page Load Speed - In-depth page load data - Time To First Byte (TTFB) - Individual element load speeds - Third party element response times Waterfall charts * Monitor Website Uptime - Detect website errors - Verify that third party elements are loading and displaying properly - Receive real time email alerts if your site goes down * Test Web App Functionality - Monitor your website for sporadic, hard to find errors - Perform e-commerce testing to ensure visitors are able to complete transactions - Ensure a consistent user experience * Comprehensive Performance Reports - Spot check webpage load speed throughout the day - Analyze waterfall performance charts – find elements that hurt website performance - Identify slow loading elements on your site * Run Continuous Tests - Perform transaction monitoring at all hours of the day - Receive Alerts when the site performs slowly - Track the performance of 3rd party content throughout the day


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