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Essential Studio Controls App

Essential Studio

by Syncfusion

Controls and frameworks
Helps with: Controls,UI Frameworks
Similar to: DevCraft App Devexpress App Infragistics ToolKit App Nevron Open Vision for .NET App More...
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Languages: CS

What is it all about?

More than 650 controls and frameworks available for .NET and JavaScript, including charts, grids, diagrams, schedulers, Gantt controls, maps, gauges, docking, ribbons and much more.

Key Features

Product Breadth: UI, reporting and business intelligence on any .NET platform, all from one vendor. No-Hassle Licensing: No royalties, run-time, or server-deployment fees means no surprises. Uncompromising Quality: An almost brutal QA process makes our products truly enterprise-quality. Outstanding Support: Our team is in-house, accessible, and fast. The online forum, knowledge base, and Direct-Trac support system provide 24/7 access.


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