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by Emurasoft

World’s fastest text editor
Helps with: Text Editors
Similar to: TextEdit App GNU Emacs App Sublime Text App ATOM App More...
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Languages: CPP Java Perl Python Other

What is it all about?

A lightweight extensible commercial text editor for Microsoft Windows.

Key Features

* Syntax Highlighting * Configurations * Multiple Selection Editing * Compare Documents * Regular Expressions * Easily handle files up to 248 GB * Large File Controller * Split/Combine Files * Sort Optimized for Large Files * Multithreaded Performance * Customizable Interface * Tabbed Design * Quick Launch * Workspace Memory Markers * Plug-in Support * Powerful, Scriptable Macros * Integration with External Tools * Intuitive Outline Display * Windows 10 Compatibility * Windows 8 Compatibility * Unicode Support * Portability Options * Multiple Encoding Conversions * Fast 64-bit build * NEW CELL TOOLBAR * Supports most of HTML5 named character references. * Many dialog boxes including a list with check boxes (such as Extract Columns), the new version allows you to drag and drop items to arrange the order in the list, and the Enable/Disable * Selected Items check box now becomes Enable/Disable All when only 1 or 0 item is selected in the list. * Cell Toolbar * Cell Toolbar Options * Automatically Show/Hide Cell Toolbar * Automatically Set Focus (Cell Toolbar) * Automatically Adjust Height (Cell Toolbar) * Editing * CSV * Filter Bar * Tooltip to Show HTML/XML Character References * Binary Editing * Bracket/Quotation Mark Auto-Complete * Narrowing * Drag and Drop * Spellcheck * Numbering * Clipboard History * Convenience * Bookmarks * Quick Start * Error Handler and Crash Recovery * Messaging (plug-in) * Wildcard Support * Pin to List * Save to Protected Folder * Grab Text * Highlight * Matching Tag Highlight * Search * Find and Replace * Batch Replace * View * Status Window * Full Screen View


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