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Dragon Speech SDK Speech and Voice Recognition App

Dragon Speech SDK

by ReadWrite

Integrate speech recognition capabilities
Helps with: Speech and Voice Recognition
Similar to: eSpeak App CMU Flite App VeriSpeak App CMUSphinx Toolkit App More...
Source Type: Closed
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP Java

What is it all about?

With the Dragon Speech SDK, developers will be able to integrate speech recognition capabilities into their mobile applications and/or create "speech aware" apps.

Key Features

Rapid integration: Quickly and easily create speech-aware applications “from scratch” or add speech recognition to existing applications, such as applications for automatic closed captioning or court reporting. Voice command and control: Allow end users to enter, edit and correct text by voice, command and control the application by voice and transcribe from audio recordings. Fast and accurate speech recognition: Add accurate and fast speech recognition using the latest Dragon technologies, to enhance your application with powerful dictation, voice editing, transcription or text-to-speech features. Consistent user interface: Keep your own interface look, feel and navigation flow for consistency for your users, by integrating Dragon features directly into your application. Powerful customization: Create your own custom commands or custom vocabulary that are specifically tailored for your application. Easy adoption: Let your users immediately become voice enabled with no added hardware, including using the built-in PC microphone.


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The SDK is free to download and use for 90 days, but when the app is ready for market, developers will need to choose from a variety of tiered pricing plans before listing the app for download or sale .


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