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by Doodlebit

A free and handy website builder with advanced features.
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What is it all about?

Doodlekit is a free website builder that allows small businesses and everyday people to make websites online without knowing how to code.

Key Features

* Banners & Logos - Doodlekit's free website maker allows you to upload your own banners and logos. Add multiple images to create a slideshow. Customize title colors and fonts. * Mobile Templates - Using responsive website technology your website is automatically mobile friendly so it will look great on any device. * Search Optimization - Building a website is easy. Getting it recognized on search engines is a little more difficult. Doodlekit provides you with SEO tools to help you get ranked. * Image Galleries - Build gallery pages to show off your photos and images. Add albums to your galleries. Add images to your albums. Play slideshows of your albums. * Blog - Add a blog to your website. Build up web traffic by posting to it regularly. Use our built in social media tools to advertise your latest posts. * Shopping Cart - Use our free website tools to build a store online. Add and edit item properties like size or color. Hook it directly to your PayPal or Google Checkout account. * Advanced Security - Build a website with secure web pages only visible to specific members. Build multiple secure web pages accessible to different groups of members. * Website Traffic Stats - Monitor your website's usage statistics. View the number of hits and visits. See where visitors are coming from. Look up their IP addresses. * Email - Make as many custom email addresses as you want based off your domain. Have each email address forward to one or more other email addresses.


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Free with Doodlekit subdomain
10.00 USD per month – Simple
24.00 USD per month – Business
40.00 USD per month – Advanced


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