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The world's leading software containerization platform
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What is it all about?

Docker enables developers and IT admins to build, ship and run any application, anywhere. Docker provides a common framework for developer and IT teams to collaborate on applications. With a clear separation of concerns and robust tooling, organizations are able to innovate faster with greater control.

Key Features

* CI/CD - Enable developers to develop and test applications more quickly and within any environment * DEVOPS - Break down barriers between Dev and Ops teams to improve the app development process * BIG DATA - Empower your enterprise to leverage big data analytics * INFRASTRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION - Decrease infrastructure costs while increasing its efficiency * QUICKLY SCALE - Docker containers spin up and down in seconds, making it easy to scale application services to satisfy peak customer demand, and then reduce running containers when demand ebbs. * SHIP 7X MORE - On average, Docker user’s ship 7X more software after deploying Docker in their environment. More frequent software updates provide added value to customers.


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