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Digital Random Number Generator Random Numbers App

Digital Random Number Generator

by Intel

Random Number Generator
Helps with: Random Numbers
Similar to: Seedrandom App RandomLib App cuRAND App SPRNG App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: CS Other

What is it all about?

DRNG Library is a project designed to bring the rdrand and rdseed instructions to customers who would traditionally not have access to them.

Key Features

* One goal of this project is to provide access to these instructions via pre-compiled, static libraries. * A second level goal is to provide a consistent, small, and very easy-to-use API to access the "rdrand" and "rdseed" instruction for various sizes of random data. * The source code and build system are provided for the entire library allowing the user to make any needed changes, or build dynamic versions, for incorporation into their own code.


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