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End-to-end platform for web, mobile applications and game analytics
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What is it all about?

Countly is a unified mobile & web analytics and marketing platform for enterprise. Countly is world’s leading open source web & mobile analytics and marketing platform tracking 600M+ unique identities. It provides insights about user actions and helps you improve your product and turn them into customers. Countly servers track thousands of Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web apps worldwide.

Key Features

* Real-time dashboard - Dashboard data should be real-time and not hours or even days old. Whatever you see on Countly dashboard, from funnels to drill, from in-app purchase to customer engagement – are true real-time. * Mobile app & game analytics with in-app purchase data - Speed is king. Why wait for hours trying to get latest in-app sales data, rather than immediately seeing everything on Countly dashboard? Countly gives you an overview of revenue, average revenue per user (ARPU), average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), number of paying users and more. * User are your customers. Treat them accordingly. - With Countly’s user analytics feature, you can get insights from each and every user, and take actions. Understand what they have been doing in your application, by examining their profile pages, purchase history and sessions. * Can you keep your customers using your app? - Retention is one of the most important metrics of visualizing and analyzing customer usage behaviour. Countly provides daily, weekly and monthly retention breakdown, with an eye-catching user interface, so you can get an insight of how often your users return and engage with your application.


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