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CodeIt.Right Static Analysis App


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CodeIt.Right helps to improve your software quality
Helps with: Static Analysis
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What is it all about?

CodeIt.Right provides a fast, automated way to ensure that your source code adheres to (your) predefined design and style guidelines as well as best coding practices. We take static code quality analysis to the next level by enabling rule violations to be automatically refactored into conforming code. CodeIt.Right helps to improve your software quality, ensure code correctness, find issues early and resolve them quickly.

Key Features

* Instant Code Review - Instant feedback on code smells and refactoring on the spot! * Microsoft Guidelines and Best Practices - Rule set based on Microsoft .NET Guidelines and best practices - right out of the box * Automatic Code Refactoring - Our unique IntelliFix™ technology will automatically remediate code smells and violations * Follow Your Own Standards - (not somebody else's) * Reducing the Noise - Suppress the noise and focus on what is important to you! Automate Code Reviews * Many aspects of the code review process are rather mechanical and can be automated * Team Collaboration - Organization/Team Policy Management * Custom Rule SDK - Extend checks with the same SDK we use to develop the set of rules shipped out of the box * Code Metrics - Understand Your Code Better * Continuous Integration and Automated Build Process * Reporting - Extensive and customizable set of reports * Integrated into Visual Studio - You would never guess it is not part of the Visual Studio


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Personal Edition+sub - $250 / Standard Edition+sub - $450 / Enterprise Edition+sub - $750/user


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