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Chronicle Map Key Value and Tuple Store App

Chronicle Map

by Chronicle

Replicate your Key Value Store with consistency and persistence.
Helps with: Key Value and Tuple Store,NoSQL DB
Similar to: Aerospike App BangDB App C-treeACE App Cachelot App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Supported OS:
Languages: C Java

What is it all about?

Chronicle Map is a high performance, off-heap, and key-value, in memory, persisted data store. It works like a standard java map yet it automatically distributes data between processes, these processes can be both on the same server and across your network. In other words it’s a low latency, huge data key value store, which can store terabytes of data locally to your process.

Key Features

* High throughput, low latency, cross process, persisted key value store. * Supports very high update rates by only replicating the latest value. * Off heap data storage, with micro second latency. * Designed to be used in Java, in a pause less, garbage free manner. * Easy to adopt and open source based on the ConcurrentHashMap. * Better utilizes your existing hardware by offering vertical scalability. * UDP support for high fan out. * TCP connectivity. * Concurrent writers on one machine using one copy in memory. * Concurrent multi-master writers across machines, with a reconciliation process. * Multiple readers with TCP and UDP replication. * Resilient writes (if a process dies, the last write is not lost.) * Entirely embedded, you don’t need any additional processes.


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