Chartio Mobile Marketing and Push Notifications App


by Chartio

The best platform for everyone to explore and visualize data
Helps with: AB Testing,Business Intelligence,Mobile Marketing and Push N ...
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What is it all about?

Chartio is a powerful business intelligence tool that anyone can use. It analyzes data and allows users to create interactive and easy-to-read charts.

Key Features

* All about efficiency – Chartio makes quick work of building and sharing engaging charts and dashboards. * Super easy setup – Connect to databases in two terminal commands and authorize data services like Google Analytics in just a couple of clicks. * Very, very secure – Chartio connects directly to your servers with read-only access, and doesn’t store your information in the cloud. * Always cutting edge – You don’t have to wait for deployment, and you don’t have to wait weeks for product updates either. We silently ship updates instantly to your Chartio account. * All kinds of uses – Work with data from databases to Google Analytics. Use Chartio instead of Excel reports to share data, as your Business Intelligence dashboard or for in-house operations.


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