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CAD Xpansion SDK Graphics and Image Processing App

CAD Xpansion SDK

by soft Xpansion

Export, Import and Geometry Recognition for 3D Models with STEP, IGES
Helps with: Application Modeling,Graphics and Image Processing
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Languages: C CPP

What is it all about?

The CAD Xpansion SDK is a library for software developers. It enables software manufacturers to implement the possibility to export 3D models into universal data exchange formats (STEP, IGES, STL) directly in their CAD, CAM, PDM and CAE Solutions, as well as import of 3D models and geometry recognition for certain models.

The library provides a large number of program functions for the design of machine elements and assemblies in mechanical design, building construction, etc.

Key Features

IMPORT & GEOMETRY RECOGNITION • Import of any 3D CAD model from files in STEP, IGES, STL formats • Display of the loaded model and basic visual operations like zoom, rotation, selection of model objects, delete objects, etc. • Recognition of the geometry of 3D shaft models in mechanical design according to the German DIN 743 • Recognition of the shaft elements independent of DIN 743, determination of the general geometric properties • Recognition of other part models in mechanical design while the library is developed further and is enhanced EXPORT OF 3D MODELS • Creation of various 3D models in mechanical design and building units: basic geometric objects, shaft elements, pinions, bearings, bolts, screw-nuts, beams, etc. Full list of units currently supported can be seen in the CAD Xpansion SDK Guide & Reference document • Export of created 3D models to the universal formats STL, STEP, IGES • Creation and export of complex units using operations like transformation, subtraction, unification, intersection, etc.


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The CAD Xpansion SDK can be ordered directly from Soft Xpansion. The base price is 1000,- $ plus VAT, if VAT is applicable. Amounts for individually ordered parts will be added to the base price.


Lifetime pricing starting at $1000 for Unlimited Users Users


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