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C Plus Plus Library Regular Expressions

by cPlusPlus

C++ Library Regular Expressions
Helps with: Regular Expressions
Similar to: Regular Expression Matching App PCRE App XRegExp App RE2 App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: CPP

What is it all about?

The standard C++ library provides support for regular expressions in the <regex> header through a series of operations.

Key Features

◾Target sequence (subject): The sequence of characters searched for the pattern. Generally, this is a range specified by two iterators, but some functions also accept a c-string or a string object instead. ◾Regular expression (pattern): The pattern which is searched for in the target sequence. This must be an object of a basic_regex type (such as regex), generally constructed from a string with a special syntax that describes what constitutes a match (see ECMAScript syntax). ◾Matches array: Some operations allow to retrieve information about matches. This information is stored in one of the special match_results array types (such as cmatch or smatch). ◾Replacement string: Some operations can replace matches. These replacements are specified in strings that allow for a special format (see ECMAScript syntax).


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