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Bluetooth BLE Library Bluetooth and WiFi App

Bluetooth BLE Library

by Argenox

Bluetooth Library
Helps with: Bluetooth and WiFi
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Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

Bluetooth Low Energy is a relatively recent addition introduced in the Bluetooth v4.0 specification that enables you to create products that can be controlled using a Smartphone or Tablet while running from a simple coin cell battery.

Key Features

• Standby – Basically the device isn’t transmitting or receiving. Usually associated with the system being asleep to conserve power. • Advertising – A device that has a Peripheral Role will enter the Advertising state where it will send packets on the advertising channels. In this state it will also listen to any responses to the packets from a Central device. This mode is one of the most critical to understand from a power perspective because a Peripheral device will spend much of its time in Advertising mode (depending on application). The Advertising interval then directly affects power consumption and life. • Scanning – Scanning refers to listening to advertising packets that are sent over those channels. This mode is used to scan for devices. • Initiating – This state is the state a Central device usually enters before a connection is established. The Central device will listen for advertisements on peripherals, but once the advertisement from the desired peripheral device is received, the Central may connect by sending the right data.


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