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Bluetooth® Developer Studio Bluetooth and WiFi App

Bluetooth® Developer Studio

by Bluetooth

Bluetooth services
Helps with: Bluetooth and WiFi
Similar to: Android Bluetooth Library App Android BluetoothSPP Library App LightBlue App 32feet.NET App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

Bluetooth Developer Studio is a powerful application development and debugging tool with a simple interface. It all helps you create consistent Bluetooth services and applications faster.

Key Features

* Built-in Bluetooth use cases - Easily explore and implement hundreds of use cases with no need for in-depth knowledge of the technology. * Auto-generated code - Make your product work with other apps, platforms, or devices simply, with automatically generated code from third-party plugins. * Drag & drop interface - Get started developing quickly with an intuitive, graphical drag & drop user interface that shows your project in real-time. * Virtual & physical testing - Uncover issues quickly with real-time testing in both virtual environments and physical devices. Plus, create in-tool scripts to test your solutions. * Community library - Share custom use cases and solution implementations for greater consistency and a high-quality user experience. * Tutorials & samples - Jumpstart your project by learning only what you need to know. Instructional content covers specific Bluetooth building blocks. * Search & explore - Navigate directly to what you need to create your solutions quickly and easily.


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