Blue SDK Bluetooth and WiFi App

Blue SDK

by OpenSynergy

Bluetooth® radio communication
Helps with: Bluetooth and WiFi
Similar to: 32feet.NET App Android Bluetooth Library App Android BluetoothSPP Library App LightBlue App More...
Source Type: Closed
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

The software development kit Blue SDK provides an efficient way of adding reliable Bluetooth® radio communication to any embedded device. This "battle proven" technology addresses the most challenging market for software systems: the automotive industry. It meets the highest standards in safety and security.

Key Features

• Supports classical and low energy operational modes • Includes Debug Protocol Sniffer capable of extracting HCI traffic • 3rd party sniffer tool can be integrated • Pre-integrated application profiles • Enables profiles to be compiled with the stack into a single self-contained task • Provides access to the stack application programming interface (APIs) • Quickstart features for easy integration with Linux • Linux audio integration file.


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