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Helps with: Static Analysis
Similar to: Jtest App Parasoft Development Testing Platform App Plato App PyCharm App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: Other

What is it all about?

Black Duck Software helps the world's most innovative companies streamline, safeguard, and manage their use of open source software. You rely on open source to build your applications quickly and cost effectively. But with these benefits come the potential for hidden security vulnerabilities. Black Duck Software gives your security and development teams the tools they need to quickly identify, mitigate, and manage open source security risks, allowing you to use open source with confidence.

Key Features

* Maintain Compliance - Open source license violations can result in costly litigation and lost intellectual property. * Application Security - Find and fix security vulnerabilities in your apps * Container Security - Verify container security before you deploy * Compliance - Understand and meet license compliance obligations * M & A - Discover open source and assess risks during due diligence * Secure Development - Ensure secure open source use throughout the development lifecycle


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